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Simple, Concise and Compliant Suitability Reports 

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Avail. The Complete Solution

Avail: verb : use or take advantage of (an opportunity or available resource):

Simple to use, concise and compliant. Avail is designed by IFA’s for Professional Advisers.

An integral part of a robust compliance process is the suitability report. This is where Avail can help.

Suitability reports are not product led, they are advice led. Whilst our product coverage is unrivalled, our reports focus on client objectives and how your recommendations meet these objectives. TCF is now embedded in adviser culture. TCF is at the heart of our proposition.

Avail has provided suitability software since being established in 1998. Being the longest established provider of such tools, we have met and responded to all the industry changes in this time, ensuring our users are fully equipped to deal with the regulatory changes surrounding client reporting. We pride ourselves on having our data updates on time, every time.

The accuracy and technical content we provide to advisers is second to none. Being owned by a practicing firm of IFA’s, we can confidently say our reports are simple, concise and compliant.

Every client is unique and this allows professional advisers to flourish. They recognise the individual needs of clients and react accordingly. Shouldn’t your reporting to clients reflect this?

Our reports ensure your clients understand what you advise in a client friendly meaningful way, without clutter or meaningless appendices of a generic nature. Every report produced with Avail will be specific, to the point and tailored to the specific objectives of your client.

We offer 3 solutions – available online and optimised for mobile media such as iPad.

Avail Compact – for mortgage and insurance specialists.

Avail Optimum – the complete solution for whole of market advisers

Avail Nexus – for larger firms, networks, compliance consultants and providers.


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