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Simple, Concise and Compliant Suitability Reports 

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Avail Nexus

Nexus: noun: an important connection between the parts of a system or a group of things:

Large organisations, and Networks

  • Different advice propositions
  • Multiple firms
  • Specific departments
  • Specific permissions

Content can be tailored to the specific requirements of the organisation, such as risk profiling methodology and filtered to all firms or parts of the organisation. Global restrictions and permissions can be granted, but tailored to the individual sector of the organisation. As an example, an Network may set global mandatory paragraphs for Pension Switching advice and require all cases to be pre-approved, but leave model portfolio construction to individual member firms. It may decide that all newly qualified advisers require approval for all reports. Avail will allow all these permutations and even has an in-built approval process for those advisers with restricted permissions.

Access can be granted directly from the Avail website, or an automatic login via the secure area of the organisation. Avail can even take client specific data for pre-population in the report via our clever integration tools. Avail is also optimised for mobile media such as iPad.

Nexus – for Larger Groups and Networks

Compliance Consultants

  • Varied firms
  • Different business models
  • Multiple systems
  • Different Requirements

At an organisational level, global restrictions and permissions can be granted, but tailored to the individual firm. As an example, the consultancy may provide specific guidance to all firms advising on high risk investments, and tailor the Avail content to match. This would be filtered to all adviser firms, who could still tailor the system content for other aspects such as risk profiling or firm specific information. Firms could also set specific permissions to advisers to have cases pre-approved by themselves or even the compliance consultancy via the in-built approval process in Avail.

Nexus – For Compliance Consultants


  • Providing access to all advisory firms
  • Global Licensing
  • Tailored to Providers own range of products
  • Client data integration

Nexus allows the provision of specific reports tailored to the individual client but based upon the providers own product range. We liaise with the provider and create data which is specific to the product or products advised. We offer two forms, soft or hard integration.

Hard integration will take client specific date after quote stage on a providers website, allowing the pre-population of items such as investment amounts, specific funds and premiums. No additional logins are required, it provides a seamless link to a tailored product specific report.

Soft integration works as above, but without the client specific data. This would normally be utilised for providers without an online quote facility or other IT restrictions.

Nexus – For Providers

Nexus delivers the comprehensive solution to whole of market advisers. Whether you operate an Independent, Restricted or Tied offering, Avail meets the need.

Avail Nexus
Designed for larger firms, networks, compliance consultants and providers, Avail Nexus has all the tools needed to ensure your reports are compliant yet tailored.

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