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Why should I use Avail compared to other providers?

Avail produced a Reason Why letter system as early as 1998.  During this time, we have responded to all industry changes which have been numerous, always ensuring our users have the most accurate and technically correct content throughout.  The Avail system is advice-led not product orientated and focuses on client objectives and how your advice meets the specific needs of the client.  This differs greatly from other systems in the market place that produce product-led reports with lengthy appendices of a purely generic nature.

Can I use Avail on my iPad?

Avail is accessed online and optimised for mobile media such as an iPad. As long as your iPad can connect online or you have a wifi  connection, you can complete suitability reports on-the-go. After completion, you can save to or export from your iPad. You can even email the report direct to your client in a secure PDF file directly from your iPad.

How often do you update Avail?

We provide two statutory updates each year, one on 6 April which will include all the latest tax related data and one in October each year, normally following the Chancellor’s autumn statement. In addition to this, incremental updates are applied as and when required.

What do I need to include in a Suitability Report?

Avail includes the necessary regulatory risk warnings and full justification behind your advice.  The FSA previously produced good practice notes on the completion of Suitability Reports – FSA Good Practise Notes. Although regulation is now provided by the FCA, these practise notes are still relevant.  Most Suitability Reports should include the client’s financial situation, the client’s knowledge and experience, the client’s investment objectives, the client’s attitude to risk both in general terms and to the specific area of need and recommendation and any specific risk warnings. Avail reports include all the above and are always tailored to the client’s individual circumstances.

Can I tailor Avail to my own firm’s style?

Yes.  Avail is one of the few systems in the market place that will allow full customisation to your firm’s own requirements. Specific paragraphs can be hidden or made mandatory at the firm level as well as the addition of firm specific data.

Can I include our own model portfolios?

Yes.  Any number of model portfolios can be added to the system for use within any product area.

Can I include our own Risk Profile methodology?

Yes.  Many firms have now adopted a specific risk profiling model;  you can tailor Avail specifically to your firm requirements.

Can I make specific templates for re-use?

Yes.  We generally do not recommend the use of bespoke templates, especially as every client’s needs and objectives are different.  The use of templates can be useful however, in situations such as membership of Group Pension arrangement investing into Default Funds.  We therefore include this functionality at no extra cost.

Can Avail help monitor high risk areas or trainee advisers?

Yes.  At firm level, a dedicated administrator can set permissions within the system so any areas of advice deemed high risk by the firm can be sent for approval to a dedicated approver prior to the report being released.  There is also a facility to include additional documentation to support the advice process, such as fact find or illustration documents.  In the case of trainee advisers, a global permission can be set that either specific products or advice as a whole needs to be checked in a similar manner.

Can your system cope with both restricted and independent advisers?


What demonstration accounts are available?

For Avail Compact, you can utilise our mortgage and payment protection sections and for Avail Optimum, a full financial planning process with a sample Offshore Bond report.  You can find the full product specification for each solution in the relevant section of the website. 

System Requirements

Avail is an online tool. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer as your web browser, then Internet Explorer 8 or upwards is required. Avail is fully compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. Reports generated can be downloaded to Microsoft Word, but can also be downloaded into Pages if you are using an Apple Mac.

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Avail Compact - Designed for mortgage and insurance specialists. Avail Optimum - Designed for whole of market advisers. Avail Nexus - Designed for larger firms, networks, compliance consultants and providers.

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